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Byron Birdsall

Watercolors, Oils and Prints

Kirsten Gallery announces the passing of Byron Birdsall on December 4, 2016. Byron and his paintings had a very long association with the gallery. His first show here was over forty years ago, in 1975. Byron and his work will be missed greatly. For a detailed summary of Byron's life see his obit that appeared in the Seattle Times.

Don't miss Byron's Nov-Dec 2016 Show at Kirsten Gallery.
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Giclee print Three Good Friends
Three Good Friends
Giclée Print, Ed 75
Image Size 18" x 23½" - $395.

Giclee print Wild Beauty
Wild Beauty
Giclée Print, Ed 500
Image Size 9" x 13" - $70.

Giclee print Polar Pandas
Polar Pandas
Giclée Print, Ed 75
Image Size 19½" x 10¾" - $125.

Oil painting All the Flowers are Mine
All the Flowers are Mine
Oil on canvas
(Image Size 39½" x 29½")

Oil painting Pike Place Cheer
Pike Place Cheer
Oil on canvas
(Image Size 29½" x 39½")

Paintings from the Artist's Private Archive
Over 100 paintings and prints from the years 1976-2007
Now offered for sale through Kirsten Gallery
Displayed on ten web pages.
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Selected paintings from previous shows
A few of these pieces may still be available,
or a print may be available.
Nov '15 Show
Nov '14 Show
Nov '13 Show
Nov '12 Show
Nov '11 Show
Nov '10 Show
Nov '09 Show
Nov '08 Show
Oct '07 Show
Nov '06 Show
Spring '06 Show
Nov '04 Show
Nov '03 Watercolors

The Kirsten Gallery has an extensive collection of Birdsall prints.
We specialize in sold-out prints, going back as far as the late 1970s.
If you can't find a Birdsall print in Alaska, please e-mail us here.

Additional work by Bryon Birdsall

A Whale of a Time
A Whale of a Time
Giclée Print
(Image Size 20½ x 9½)

Absolute Alaska (Giclée print)
Absolute Alaska
Giclée Print - Limited Edition 75
(Image Size 20.25" x 32")
$1,200 Unframed

The U.S.R.C. Bear
The U.S.R.C. Bear
Print, Ed size 500
(Image 21" x 15")
$225 Unframed

Southeast Sunset
Southeast Sunset
Print, $250 Unframed

All images copyright by the artist


Still more work by Byron Birdsall

Page 1
Reflection Lakes - Rainier Grandeur
Each Tugs in Its Own Way
Winter Has Melted into Spring
Red Gold and Snow
All the Flowers are Mine
Rainier Reflections - Warmth
Page 2
A Leap of Faith
Rainier Reflections
City Lights
Outward Bound from Elliott Bay

Page 3
Forest Light
Alpine Meadow
Lake Union Tie Up
Heart of the City
Romancing the Stone
Page 4
Rainier Recollections
Peaceable Puffins
Last Light at Kincaid
Two if by Snow

All images copyright by the artist