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Byron Birdsall painting
Byron Birdsall at Kirsten Gallery,
Nov 20, 2016

Kirsten Gallery announces the passing of Byron Birdsall on December 4, 2016. Byron, a good friend, had a long association with the gallery, beginning over forty years ago in 1975. Byron and his work will be missed greatly.

Daiensai print
Being Happy as a Nobody
is the Secret of Success -
Richard Kirsten Daiensai

It is with a heavy heart that we tell you that Richard Kirsten-Daiensai passed away Friday, February 15, 2013. He is gone, but his paintings, prints, sculptures and books continue to be appreaciated all over the world.


Coming Next in 2017

November 12, 2017 - December 23, 2017
Opening Reception Sunday November 12, 1-4 PM

Honoring Byron Birdsall
"Life is is forever"
Byron Birdsall mini
A Perfect Day in Paradise
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Diana Friend
"Dwelling within the Means"
Turnings in Wood
Diana Friend mini
Black Acacia
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Richard Kirsten Daiensai’s Book
is now available

Daiensai new book Love

Love is 5 ¼ " square. The book has 254
pages and images of 51 Daiensai paintings.
It sells for $19.95.
Available at Kirsten Gallery

A few copies of Daiensai’s first book Smile still are available.
Daiensai signing his book Smile Daiensai Smile book
Richard Kirsten Daiensai signing copies of Smile in 2004

Daiensai’s 256-page book Smile has full-color
images from his paintings and, from his own
notebooks, short bits of poetry, philosophy, whimsy,
and cosmic humor sure to delight the reader at any
time of year. The book is a compact 5 ¼ " square,
perfect for a purse, backpack, or small coffee table.
A few copies remaining at $49.95 per copy.


* Selected images from past Kirsten Gallery shows *
(Work from past shows may have sold, or may no longer be at the gallery)

Richard Kirsten Daiensai - Spring ’15, Spring ’12, Spring ’11, Spring ’10, Spring ’09
Byron Birdsall - Fall ’16, Fall ’15, Fall ’14, Fall ’13, Fall ’12, Fall ’11, Fall ’10
Diana Friend - Fall ’16, Fall ’15, Fall ’14, Fall ’13, Fall ’12, Fall ’11
Danny Mayes - Fall ’14, Fall ’13, Fall ’12, Fall ’11
Small Treasures - Fall 2015
Four Maestoso Painters (2014) - Gary Griswold -  Steve Hu -  Jerry Stitt -  Tony Turpin
Marjett Schille - Fall ’14, Fall ’12, Fall ’10
Leon White - Spring ’13
Margaret Carpenter Arnett - Spring ’13
John Worthey - Summer ’16
Julie Creighton - Summer ’13
NW Marine Art Exhibitions - Summer ’16, Summer ’15, Summer ’14-I, Summer ’14-II, Summer ’13, Summer ’12, Summer ’11, Summer ’10
Tugmania - Summer ’08
Vision, Myth and Magic - Fall ’09
Kirsten Gallery Anniversary - 40th (Spring ’12)
Seattle Co-Arts - Spring ’13
NW Pastel Society - Spring ’13, Spring ’11
Puget Sound Sumi Artists - Spring ’15, Spring ’14, Spring ’11, Spring ’09

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