Carol Ladas-Gaskin & Peter Berry, Saggar fired, paper clay mural
Carol Ladas-Gaskin & Peter Berry
Saggar fired, paper clay mural
3½ ft x 6 ft

Additional Information

Pnevmatos, Breath, Wind and Spirit is a 3½' x 6' saggar fired, paper clay mural, designed and executed by artists Carol Ladas-Gaskin and Peter Berry. This mural is historically significant as one of the first large bodies of work done in paper clay. Slides of it have been shown by Rosette Gault, artist, writer and originator of paper clay as part of a paper clay exhibition, and appreciated internationally in over 8 countries and extensively in the United States. It has been described in many publications about Paper Clay since 1993, including Art and Perception (Issue 18 p. 83).

Paper clay in its raw state incorporates about 25% paper pulp into the clay body. This gives the damp clay a tensile strength and flexibility not normally possible with clay when creating very thin sculptural elements. When the artwork is fired, the paper burns away entirely leaving the finished work lighter than normal clay bodies, but no less strong. Using paper clay in a liquid state enabled the creation of a replica of real feathered wings on the mural. As is evident in this mural, paper clay is a remarkable medium that allows for great freedom of expression.

This mural was originally commissioned and installed in 1993 and has been recently de-installed as a result of the sale and renovation of the original site and is again available for purchase.

Resumes of the artists are available on request to Kirsten Gallery.

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